A Meditation on Freedom

I had the desire to write something to you all today, you with whom I share space and relationship, whether personally and directly or via the virtual world, but it was difficult to know where to begin. Oftentimes the more clearly we experience Reality the more difficult it is to speak about it. Because of the vastness and unimaginable, unspeakable nature of God, The Transcendent, the Divine, etc. it becomes nearly impossible to arrive at words, or even a conclusion for that matter, that appropriately or even closely describes the experience of said God. It is true that all words about this experience are by necessity metaphors. To speak about that which is beyond words is and will always be, if not fruitless, at least an almost laughable endeavor. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to speak…

Gratefulness and Transformation

Gratefulness is a key, a mechanism, for opening our eyes to the fullness of Beauty embodied in all creation. It transforms us from the inside out. If you see Beauty everywhere it is impossible not to recognize and call it forth in yourself as well. As our gratefulness increases so correspondingly does our compassion, hope and love. We begin see light surrounding us instead of darkness and every breeze, embrace, or sun on our skin is a fresh opportunity to appreciate and deeply participate in what is truly a beautiful Life.

Freedom in Paradox

I’m an honest person, but I have told a million little (and not so little) lies in my life. I have faith but doubt nearly all that I know continually. I’m quite confident in who I am as an individual yet make decisions constantly based on how others will view me. These seeming contradictions are no cause of dismay for me. Now more than ever before I have become comfortable in my humanness, brokenness, or “sin”, as it is often referred to. Without it I could not enjoy grace.

Discovering Purpose (An article written for Charisma and Ministry Today Magazines)

I firmly believe, as I’m sure many of you do, that every human life is created purposefully and for a purpose. Every soul is literally pulsating with calling and the searching for our individual reason for being is a shared pursuit of nearly everyone on the planet. Discovering our purpose in God has sometimes been portrayed as a sort of quest, during which the treasure we are seeking is always just beyond our reach or hidden where, if we are honest, it seems only the lucky or “chosen” ever find it.

Hope For Tomorrow, Living For Today (Pt.2)

Life is short. To dwell on yesterday or dream about tomorrow is a mistake for it is here and it is now that your life is happening. Love and joy happen now. Peace is experienced now. Hope and excitement don’t exist outside of Now. Let us endeavor to live in an Eternal Now, where we have no time to spend on worry about the future or shame about the past because we are too busy being mindfully engaged in wherever we are and with whatever we are doing.

God Is Not Loving

I am thoroughly convinced that everyone believes in “God” on some level; in something that is beyond themselves and transcends their personal understanding. I also feel that anyone who claims to not believe in this “Transcendent Something” simply does not feel that the established ideas surrounding “God” are sufficiently large or inclusive enough to be applicable to all peoples at all times. There are many ideas that have been perpetuated about God that are, in my opinion, simply not true or useful. The notion that God is loving is one of them.

Living an Extraordinary Life

Extraordinary things are not done by extraordinary people; they are done by ordinary people with an extraordinary ability to persevere despite the odds and obstacles. People are extraordinary to the degree that they believe that their dreams are of value and that they can have a genuine impact on the world. The difference between the extraordinary and everyone else is that they didn’t give up and, often times, the only difference is that they were willing to try what seemed impossible at first glance.