About Renaissance Life

Renaissance [ren-uh-sahns]: The activity, spirit or time of revival and renewal of life, vigor, art, interest, etc.; rebirth; awakening.

Renaissance Life aims to be a resource to those desiring to positively affect the world through the arts by creating high-quality learning opportunities and resources that are accessible to all. These tools are aimed to help serious students of art  develop both their technical skill and creativity.

By providing art resources supporting sound artistic practices, we desire to be a tool available to those pursuing the visual arts. We want to help artists grow in their understanding of how to produce beautiful things... We are created to be creative. Our hope is that through the sharing of valuable information, instruction, and relationship, visual artists might be handed the tools necessary to make a creative contribution to society.



Coulter Prehm

RL Founder

  "My name is Coulter (Colt) Prehm. I am a husband, father, painter, speaker, writer, teacher, rock climber. I studied art intensely and formally for nearly a decade, desiring to become proficient enough at the process of painting and drawing that I could use the mediums as a vehicle of communication; to share something of my experience of Beauty and Truth. My wife Liz and I enjoy spending time in the mountains, traveling, eating great food and simply loving life together."

Coulter has studied art with many of the top, contemporary painters of the day though the bulk of his study as been with Tony Ryder who is a dear friend, teacher and mentor. His work has been displayed at galleries across the US and has been featured in publications in the United States, Europe and Canada.


Associated Organization


The Ryder Studio, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a privately owned art school offering courses in figure drawing and portrait painting from life. Classes, which run from two weeks to nine months long, are open to students of all levels, ages sixteen and up. The studio program and teaching is led by principal instructor, Anthony Ryder and it's two associate instructors, Celeste Ryder and John Reger. To learn more about how you can study full time with Tony Ryder, see TheRyderStudio.com or to visit Tony's personal site click here.