Last night I had a dream, and although it's actual contents are a mystery to me, I know I awoke with the word integrity ringing in my spirit. As I lay in bed my heart and mind reeled as revelation was internally deposited which was addressing and confronting a lack of integrity in my own life.

Integrity is wholeness, stability, truth. Integrity is the act of integrating. To have integrity is to know, really know, what it is we believe and what standards exist within us regarding every aspect of our lives and then to actually live our lives in accordance with those standards.  All too often, both you and I have standards and ideals that we hold others to but are wholly unable or unwilling to exact upon ourselves. Often these are moral ideals related to conduct which are easy to see in others but difficult to identify in ourselves. Jesus warned his followers not to try to pick specks out of their neighbors eye for inevitably, to do so, they were not recognizing the plank obscuring their own vision. 

Integrity is about focusing only on our own planks and taking our attention off the specks that exist in the lives of our family, friends, and enemies. It's easy to see where others are broken or missing the mark, deceiving ourselves into believing that we have it all-together in the process. It means dealing with that part that exists within each of us (not others) that is dishonest, jockeying for position, is self seeking, greedy, manipulative and insecure. Integrity means exposing our shortcomings and darkness to The Light where we can be made whole, secure and able to love others from a place of truth and out of a pure heart. 

I for one desire to live a life of integrity. Where what I say I believe actually manifests in my life. Where I don't just vocalize that I value humility and love, but where I actually live a life that cherishes and builds others up. I know that I am not perfect; that I stumble daily and deny with my actions that which I speak with my mouth... but I'm working on it. It would benefit each of us, from my estimation, to take an honest look at our own lives, acknowledge our deficits for what they are, and purpose today that we are going to address inconsistencies so that our life can be a Light shining in the darkness. I am committing today, again, to live a life of integrity, wholeness and truth; I'm simply writing this as a reminder and an invitation for you to join me. 

Peace to you all.