Transformation: From the Inside Out

It is our internal state that determines our external reality and destiny. We are all able to change the world but before our hands will be able to carry out the necessary work our hearts must undergo the required transformation.  

When our stance toward the world around us becomes one of kindness, patience and grace, we "become as yeast sewn into a lump of dough" and are able to fill our surroundings and circumstances with peace. Being this "yeast" requires no effort of our own, but only a surrendering of our selves so that Light and Life may flow through us. We simply be that which we have been trying to do for far too long. Be light, be life, be love, be peace... be.

All too often, in our desire to do something good for the world, we neglect or are blind to the fact that we need Goodness and Transformation in our own lives. We can recognize the benefit of volunteering at the local soup kitchen or donating to a campaign for bettering the environment, but we cannot see how our impatient words, angry retorts and envious motives are causing far more damage to mankind (and thus the earth) then carbon emissions are even capable of.  Jesus said it well when he warned that we "don't see the plank that is in our own eye." 

I'm not saying that environmental awareness or working to bless others isn't of value, for it surely is. What I am saying is that it is easier to work on things outside of ourselves then to make the dangerous journey of introspection and discovering that which is within that is in need of repair. We must take the time to search ourselves. Are you harboring resentment or anger, fear or jealousy? We should not be carrying these burdens nor afflicting the world with them. By releasing forgiveness where we have been wounded and offering reconciliation and mercy where there is offence, we can have a not-so-subtle effect on the world and people with whom we live. It starts with us. A butterfly effect ensues in response to our experiencing personal freedom and healing; just as "hurt people hurt people", "healed people heal people".

You are loved. People around you care about you, even if you can't see it. There is One who is Love who is in love with you. There is no need for you to carry shame and pain on your shoulders, weighing you down and hindering you from reaching your full potential. Allow yourself, even as you read these words, to believe you are worthy of love and so is the world around you. Release any pain you have been carrying and allow today be a day of freedom and joy for you. 

We all want peace on Earth, but this wont come until we each know Peace within.