A Call To Life

All too often, before we take any notice of Life we must be jarred by death. As though coming out of a stupor, a sleep induced by the mundanity of simply existing, we realize with startling clarity the brevity of our time here on the earth. A friend or child is killed in a car accident, a grandparent passes peacefully in their sleep, a parent is ravaged by and loses the battle to disease. We have all felt it. Pain nursed by tears, culminating in a vivid new state of consciousness, awareness of the preciousness of life… and then we forget.

Many times, only days after being shaken awake, we are back to sleep; passing the hours which turn into days, then weeks, then years, with the all too rehearsed humdrum of what we call life. Being alive does not mean we are Living. There was a sect of monks in the past who discerned a fool in one way; a fool was one who had forgotten death. A fool (which I have often played) allows their mind to slip back into the “grind” of daily living and forgets that the breath of cool air presently filling their lungs may be their last. If they knew, if we were aware, every breath would be savored and the warm sun or crisp rain falling on our skin would not go unnoticed. “I hate this weather!” I have heard many say about any number of conditions… what blindness and insensitivity of life!

To not Live is an offense to the Life that fills us. To pass our vaporous lives without dreaming and feeling and pursuing is irreverent in the strictest definition of the word. Dare I call it blasphemous? To burn the candle of life at both ends and delude ourselves into thinking that we are promised tomorrow is to join the fools of the past and present who never truly understood what it is to Live or to Love.

This is a call to you who might read this, and knelt low with my hands outstretched I plead with you; don’t wait to be pummeled by death before deciding in your heart to choose Life! Chase your dreams! Love the people around you… they are a gift! Drink deeply of the cup of life you have been freely given and for God’s sake, don’t sip at the rim! Guzzle and chug and allow the wine of Life to splash over your chin and run down your neck and chest!

 This is my desire; to live like I’m actually Alive and as though this moment of passion in my heart may be my last.