A New Year of Hope

In pursuing a Renaissance Life, one that is vibrant and full of joy, we have been given to one another as a gift. The journey is real for us all, both the spiritual and natural paths, and we are here to love and be of aid to one another the best we can. On this note, the best I can offer and feel I can do in this moment is to encourage you.

We are embarking on yet another year. The last year was filled with joy and pain, hope and discouragement, fear and fulfilled dreams, but beyond all of these realities it is important to note that the last year has passed. There is no glory or hope to be found in the past, nor is there anything that should cause you shame or fear. The past is over. Even looking to the future is rather futile as too frequently these thoughts are simple vain imaginings and delusions of grandeur.

The exhortation I offer is not a new one, but I feel some things are so essential to our existence and freedom that they cannot be spoken of too often; Live while it is today.

Find joy in everything you put your hand to today and realize Beauty in the people who surround you. Today is the only thing that is Real; yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a fantasy. If you are going to paint today then allow your heart to be fully immersed in the creative process and get swept away in the unique glory of your subject. If you are spending time with family, enjoy every moment because many who have gone before have wasted their last minutes with those they loved, presuming that they would be alive tomorrow. In the present moment is the only place you can discover Love, Truth, Peace or who you really are. Savor it. Even as you read these words become aware of the Life that fills you and is all around you. Awareness of this Life will cause us to Live as never before.

And Dream! Allow yourself to think about the future only through the lens of Hope. The coming year can be one of incredible personal transformation and adventure, but you will need to decide to make it so. Shy away from nothing for fear of the unknown. I challenge you today to dream beyond your means and begin to take steps, small and sequential, to make your impossible desires your new reality.

2017 will be a year of Renaissance, of new inventions, innovations and of a regained appreciation of the basic, shared traits that make us all human. In the midst of war and turmoil will also exist a year of the greatest moves of peace and awakening the world has ever known… but it will take all of us. Set your heart this year on loving, giving and living life to the fullest. Don’t be deceived; you may not be here tomorrow. And don’t forget, every person around you is a gift.