Conviction Over Convention

Most of us have been raised in a conventional society, which upholds conventional ideas, and conducts itself in a conventional manner. Conventional refers to that which is based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed. The problem is that usually our greatest dreams and passions do not lay within the well-established perimeters of conventionality but in the vast ocean of freedom and exploration outside of it; in the region of Adventure that is often held in suspicion, if not in contempt, by the majority of the population.

You and I have not been designated or destined to be conventional. The weight of the expectation of conventionality bears down upon us, and many if not most of us have learned to live in fear. We have been told which jobs offer "security" and which pursuits are a waste of time. We know that after college we get a job and work at that job until retirement and after retirement we can spend 10 or 20 years (if we aren't already dead) enjoying the money we have literally toiled our whole lives for... of course it isn't communicated in this way, but that's the gist of it. Unfortunately, if you are an artist or creative of nearly any kind, you have heard the old axiom, "starving artist". This statement exemplifies the sorts of lies that are often flung at those who dare to pursue their dreams and not a conventional path. When our convictions, hopes and passions act as a Living Compass in place of accepted customs of the times; long-held ideas are challenged, a struggle ensues, and inevitably something changes. 

If one decides to pursue their dreams they will be changed. Even the first step onto this independent path results in a sense of risk, adventure and freedom many equate with being fully alive. For one who longs inwardly for Freedom but has been trapped in conventionality, stepping outside the norm into the realm of the unknown feels like a drink of cold water coursing down your throat after being parched, scorched, dehydrated...starved of life. I know. I have now drunk at the cup of change and Living Water many times and am here to testify of the joy that is inherent in new discovery and fresh experiences. There is nothing inherently wrong with convention and those who prefer it, but if you are one who feels trapped within its confines I urge you to be a prisoner no longer!

In addition to the individual being changed, culture is changed by those willing to live freely as well. The world needs those who will take risks and live beyond the edge of what has been established as the acceptable conduct of life. I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and live like there's no tomorrow... because for many there will not be. Live your dreams, ideas and passions and Know, right now and once-and-for-all, that you have been created with purpose that is meant to shape the known world. Some may say you're going off the deep end; I say take the plunge! Feast on Life, moment by moment and remind yourself constantly, "If I'm not really Living, then I'm just in the process of dying."