The Inward Journey

I am having trouble writing today. I have had a message in my heart for a week, but can't seem to get it out on paper... or online in this case. My mind has been fixed on the inward journey; on the cultivation of that part of each one of us that is our True Self, and what true personal growth really looks like. I'm going to make it short (I think) and to the point. For some of you reading, this may sound too Christian, for others not Christian enough. I would like to say right off that I am concerned little about this, only that truth is spoken. And Truth doesn't lay in rigid adherence to established creeds nor in the rejection of them. Truth is always hidden somewhere in the middle where humility and open-mindedness must be practiced in order to access Her. 

It is written that Jesus of Nazareth once stated, "You can't see the Kingdom of God unless you are born again," and also that this Kingdom is composed of righteousness, peace and joy. Thirdly, Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you, within me... within us.

There is a part of who we are, of our Self, that must be born again; transformed. This can happen to the extent that we don't even recognize who we were before. And come on, if we are honest, we are all pretty on-board for this. There are aspects of each of us, especially internally, that we would love to see changed. Maybe we are impatient, unkind, angry, scared, jealous or bitter... who wouldn't want to be free? To be born again means to yield ourselves to Divine Love. Not to love more or to be more patient or more kind, but to realize that we are loved, and are forgiven and are being shown kindness. I believe our attempts to show true love are futile until we know we are Truly Loved. We see it all the time, crowds of people holding signs about love or peace but with an all too obvious, underlying current of anger, rebellion or bitterness. I am not against the holding of signs,  but I am opposed to people unwittingly existing in a reality where their outward professions and actions don't align with their internal condition. I am opposed to this because it is bondage, and human beings should be living abundant, vibrant lives. 

Righteousness, peace and joy... These are available to all mankind. This is the Kingdom of God and we cannot see it without being transformed. I feel there are a handful of sentences that you can read and internalize that can aid you in stepping into internal freedom and transformation. I will write them here and I invite you to see yourself in them, in internalize them, to let them work in you.

  • Blessed are you if you're poor and broken in spirit, yours is the Kingdom.
  • Blessed are you if you are mourning, you will be comforted
  • Blessed are you who will practice being merciful to others, you will be shown mercy
  • Blessed are peacemakers; they are children of God

Beyond all else you must know you are Loved. We have to get this, for in this knowledge is true Freedom to be who you were created to be. We may all think of these things differently and that's okay. Don't let language or semantics hold you back from Abundant Life. The important thing is that the inward journey is real and growing our inner, True Self is the most critical work we can do for ourselves and for others. 

Be love today and know that you are loved. Allow your heart to be conformed to Love and be vulnerable enough to realize that you are loved as well. Be peace, be joy... The Kingdom of God is within you.