The Importance of Doing Nothing

More and more, every day, I am convinced of the reality that there is not much that I need to do. Although I feel a real burden upon my shoulders to "accomplish this" and "do your part", a greater call seems to be manifesting in my heart to "Just Be". 

We can't Love in a hurry; it is impossible. Love by it's very nature and essence requires us to take time, to look deeply, to move slow. To truly love we must almost lose our sense of time entirely. This isn't just a reflection on our human relationships either. Love is required for everything beautiful that happens throughout the course of our lives. If we build a beautiful, carefully constructed home it is foundationally an act of love. If we create art or laugh with friends or enjoy a book; these are all acts of love and require time. To really take part we must be fully engaged and lay upon the alter of Life our offering of undivided attention.  It's critical that we begin to spend our time, our most valuable resource, on those things that are of the greatest importance. 

We must begin to devote ourselves to doing nothing. It is unfortunate that I must phrase it this way, but we have grown too accustomed to believing that drone-like productivity is the only action of value. As a society we describe the crucial aspects of life as "nothing". There is a constant and ever-growing pressure to perform and produce which is in direct opposition to our real need to learn to rest and experience peace. From a state of peace we can truly experience Life, Love, our spouses, children and beauty that surrounds us. With a stillness of soul we can take a walk, a nap, or a holiday without feeling that we have somehow been "unproductive" or "lazy", as if the fate of the world somehow lays in our busyness.

I simply invite you to rest with me today. Set your mind on what you would do for pleasure's sake. Let's spend more of our time reading books, drinking wine, hiking, sitting in silence, taking long baths, playing games, making paintings, napping, or having movie marathons with our kids! We might discover that this is the best way we can be truly productive in our short lives. Life's purpose and fullest expression undoubtedly lays hidden in what the world calls "doing nothing".