Where is Heaven?

Some of the deepest and most essential questions we ask as humans are also the most easy to understand, given that we commit to comprehending with our hearts and not our brains. The answers are simple, but they are lost to us in their simplicity for we look too hard and assume they must lay in complexity. For instance, where and/or what is heaven?

Every single person who walks the earth has been filled with a Glory and Unspeakable Beauty that can't be measured. As we are overcome with wonder as a thunderhead, black, ominous and filled with lightning approaches over the landscape, so should we be overwhelmed with awe by the awesome Power and Life that indwells every person we meet. Too often we can't see this Beauty in others because we have never even recognized it in ourselves. 

It is written that Jesus of Nazareth said, "The Kingdom of God is within you." We are searching endlessly for that which we already possess; like combing the house frantically for your car keys before eventually realizing that you had been holding them in your hand the entire time. The way we discover the keys is the same way we find Heaven. Heaven, the True Heaven that Jesus spoke of, is not a place in the sky we transition to when we die where angels lounge with harps and where everything is perfect. "Do not look here or there... The Kingdom is within you." So what does it look like?

Take a moment to be still... right now. Become aware of a Peace that fills you, that holds you, and inspires you to be peace. Heaven. Visualize yourself filled with a Light and Joy that doesn't leave you as you go about your day; see this Light emanating from you touching everyone you meet. What does it feel like to carry a Peace that goes beyond understanding and is changing the very atmosphere of the rooms you enter? 

You are called to be a vessel of Love and to see the beauty in every place, person or thing you meet. Every time you choose to speak a kind word, Heaven has just touched the natural realm. When you decide to Be patient, kind, gentle, and faithful you are creating Heaven around yourself and anyone who comes near enough to be touched by the Love you carry. Like architects designing a beautiful space we can all decide to become facilitators, even creators of Heaven in the earth. But we cannot give what we do not possess. Know today your value. Understand that your heart is filled with dreams and passions because you are treasured and have been created as one who is beloved and is able to change the world. You are not fretful; you are peaceful. You are not filled with anger but have simply not had the part of you awakened within that is Peace. You can live as a light in dark places, all you need to do is look within, see the Light that has already been given to you, and let it out.  

I bless you today to be a carrier of heaven. May you change the world and be afraid of nothing. May you be Love and loved.