Gratefulness and Transformation

Gratefulness is a key, a mechanism, for opening our eyes to the fullness of Beauty embodied in all creation. It transforms us from the inside out. If you see Beauty everywhere it is impossible not to recognize and call it forth in yourself as well. As our gratefulness increases so correspondingly does our compassion, hope and love. We begin see light surrounding us instead of darkness and every breeze, embrace, or sun on our skin is a fresh opportunity to appreciate and deeply participate in what is truly a beautiful Life.

As we cultivate a grateful spirit a new, yet somehow familiar, sense begins to grow within us, awakening our heart evermore to the innate Goodness which is all and is in all and is holding all things together.

Gratefulness helps us to discover our place and function in the world. Those things we are grateful for we engage and give attention to and consequently cause them to become even more wonder-ful than they were before we focused our gaze in their direction. In this way we co-create. Our essential calling is to participate in adding Life and Value to every place, person and situation we encounter. Earth is transformed into Heaven as our hearts conform to Love.

Gratefulness is a key, a mechanism, for opening our eyes.