A Meditation on Freedom

I had the desire to write something to you all today, you with whom I share space and relationship, whether personally and directly or via the virtual world, but it was difficult to know where to begin. Oftentimes the more clearly we experience Reality the more difficult it is to speak about it. Because of the vastness and unimaginable, unspeakable nature of God, The Transcendent, the Divine, etc. it becomes nearly impossible to arrive at words, or even a conclusion for that matter, that appropriately or even closely describes the experience of said God. It is true that all words about this experience are by necessity metaphors. To speak about that which is beyond words is and will always be, if not fruitless, at least an almost laughable endeavor. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to speak…


 I believe the end and measure of all spiritual growth is freedom. If Jesus’ life and message point to anything it is that perfect freedom is available to those who would set their heart on knowing God, and consequently, their deepest self as well. The Life that is in you is the Life that is in all and is God. This can only be experienced. We must “taste and see that God is good.” The journey is one of transformation, not of the accumulation of knowledge or recitation of creeds. It’s one of letting go of any small, individualistic, short sited-ideas that have held us captive and allowing ourselves to experience a larger Reality, our place in it, and in turn understand the nature (love, peace, gentleness, power) of that which is utterly beyond and yet contained in us all. We discover we are children of God, not through correct thinking but through an innate and eternal life that dwells within us and is calling us ever deeper into the healing and ego-shattering experience of love which Christians describe as salvation.

After we, any of us, experience such a love there is no turning back. We are, by this very experience, plunged into a flow (God) that will be ever carrying us and conforming us into the very Likeness Of Love from the inside out. Not only will our heart change, but our perceptions and actions as well. We will be set free to see others as safe, loved and eternally cherished because we ourselves have now experienced eternal love in and toward ourselves. Such a perception demands actions of charity. It’s impossible to truly see others as loved and not love them. This sort of understanding without action and compassion is not understanding at all. Love moves, touches, frees, forgives, and pursues all. Love loves all without exception or condition. To submit to the leadings toward love that echo within each of us and allow that word to transform us into the most beautiful expression of who we are is what it means to be free.

Our existence in the earth is to be unfettered from the likes of fear, disappointment, shame, and regret. As we listen moment by moment, allowing God’s voice to speak to us of our eternal worth and beloved-ness through every second and circumstance, our heart is gradually awakened to the truth of how much we are loved and simultaneously increases our capacity to love and be merciful to others. We become free by realizing that we and everyone else are forever loved and then living in accordance and response to that revelation.