Ease of Perfection

"Be perfect as I am perfect" is a call of God recorded in scripture which many, after reading and acknowledging it as impossible, give up on and walk away from in discouragement. If perfection is a task list or moral high-ground to be obtained then I would agree that it's a waste of time and utterly beyond our reach. But it is not these things. Being perfect in this sense is a journey of letting go, of loving, and of mirroring. As we become less self-focused, more love motivated and earnest in our pursuit of Truth, perfection, we may come to realize, is not something we do so much as it is who we are at our deepest, most essential level.

     We can make a habit of pursuing Truth and Beauty. Too often, conditioned by the system in which we're immersed, we can see only what is wrong, be it in the world, others or even in ourselves and our own lives. Our eye becomes bad, incapable of seeing beyond the veils of darkness and despair. 

     Becoming perfect has much to do with a shift in our hearts to continually seeing what is good, lovely, hope-worthy, and true. It is not blindness to the actual state of things but is a realization that the "actual state" is, to a large degree, what we decide to focus on. The most genuine troubles of our lives generally pale in comparison to the simple beauty of Life in our bodies and breath in our lungs. Perspective matters! To the one becoming perfect a single ray of sunshine peeking through the storm clouds of life Is enough of a consolation to even be cause for rejoicing and celebration!

    Perfection is not something we do but is who we are and are becoming; the life of God manifesting through us as our souls peacefully rest In the arms of Goodness. Perfection doesn't need to be right, obtain a merit badge or accolades, and certainly doesn't busy itself with pointing out what is wrong or lacking in others. Perfection is a state of loving always, hoping beyond hope, and knowing intimately that we are divinely loved and are becoming vessels of this perfect love for and toward all others. "Children of God".

       To gaze upon God is the path to becoming like God. Seeing Beauty everywhere releases Beauty to reign within us. One who loves perfectly does so by experiencing and responding to the fact that they are perfectly loved.