The Nature of the Journey

Everyone has heard the old adage, "It's about the journey, not the destination," but if I may be so bold, I haven't witnessed many who actually believe that (if living something out in one's life is evidence of true belief). As a culture (and we are in a global culture) we have quit taking time to smell the proverbial roses. Life is filled with deadlines, goals and commitments to such a slavish degree that there is little room for leisure, let alone Love. The crux of the matter seems to me to be time, how precious it is to us, and what we are willing to trade it for. Although we know inside, somehow, that each of us has been allotted only a few moments here in the earth, we seem all too willing to trade our time for that which actually has no true value.

The other day I was sitting next to my brother-in-law Jarrad, propped near one another on an outcropping of rock at the base of a large boulder we were endeavoring to climb. We were absorbing the scenery set before us (which was truly spectacular), our nemesis boulder looming threateningly overhead, when a thought crossed my mind, "Is this worth it? Out of the tiny speck of time I've been given, is this activity, this place, being here with this specific person... is this worthy of trading my time and giving my life for?" Immediately my spirit sang with a resounding Yes and joy filled my heart! This was something worthy of my time, my energy... my love.  

Climbing a mountain isn't about reaching a summit. The summit is a climax. Life is not spent on the summit, either literally or figuratively. Life is about the valleys and plains, the flowers, trees, snow, rocks and cool air gliding across your face as you go. Life is about the people you're surrounded by. Life is about the journey. The fullest, most alive moments I had that day on the mountain with Jarrad weren't associated in my mind with completing the climbs we had come to send; they were the conversation, the hike, and sitting and enjoying the vista we'd stumbled upon. 

I'm currently sitting in my living room, it's just after noon, and I'm watching light rake through the windows onto the floor... and I feel joy. We must be present in order to be appreciative. The world has been intentionally filled with a billion billion wonders solely for our enjoyment but are we taking our time enough to be thankful and "taste and see" the Goodness that surrounds us?  Take a moment to take inventory of your time today and note what you are trading most of it for. Even menial tasks scattered throughout our day are not unworthy of being done; it all depends on our motive for completing them. Put your hands to work with your heart set on being a blessing to the world. The true value of a dollar bill is exposed if you hold a match to it; invest your life in that which does not perish.

Do something, just one thing, that is beautiful and worthy of your time today and the world will be a better place because of it. 

Peace and Joy to you,