Pride Comes Before the Fall

Pride comes before the fall. We have risen so high in our minds and hearts, beyond anything that could be called a humble state, that a catastrophic tumbling seems inevitable. I am not writing here of politics or the "powers that be" but of our own hearts; of you and of me. Our personal pride is evident in our desire to shout instead of to listen; to be heard instead of to be kind. When all our attention is focused on how others are wrong, the pride in our hearts is exposed, for what we are really saying is, "I am right."
Brothers and sisters, I'm not pointing a finger. If you could hear my voice right now it is calm and desiring peace. I know there are problems, I see them too, but while we confront problems head-on let us not make the mistake of attacking one another. Unless humility, marked by kindness to others, is restored a fall will come and in such an event there are no winners.

Love and peace to all and any who might read these words.