Renaissance Life Challenge Week 3

Good morning and joy to all of you who have been following along these last weeks!


For this third week we are going to expand on our last two weeks. So far we have established some things in our lives that give us joy and have used those inspirations to be creative and make space in our lives for these things. 

This week, we are going to add a bit of generosity to the mix! When we start to bless others with the work of our hands in intentional ways, we really begin to discover fulfillment with what we're doing! I challenge you to sit in silence and be shown someone you can create (or do) something beautiful for and do it this week! 

Oftentimes creative endeavors are self focused, so this is an opportunity to really add some value to the work we are doing. When we are thinking of how our creativity can bring joy to someone else we start to release a new potential in our work for impacting the people and world around us!