Renaissance Life Challenge Week 1

So this week is the kick off for the Renaissance Life Challenge: Inward, Outward, Upward! This will be one month of weekly assignments designed to help us grow in our health, spirituality and creativity! You can send me an email if you want to be part of the group, or just follow along here... but if you actually sign up we are doing video calls together too!!

  The first challenge of the month is "Inward". Week 1, I am challenging everyone to cultivate peace and joy in our lives through a little inward work. 

For the first week (and remainder of the challenge) begin to schedule a minimum of 10 minutes each morning for silence. Sit alone, in a room with the door closed, and allow your mind and heart to focus on one thing, each day, that brings joy to your life. 

Throughout the process of the challenge we will be using joy as a compass to direct us, so it's critical to start to identify and create space for the things in our life that cause joy. Each morning, write down in a journal what it was that you focused on that morning, why it brings you joy, and make a note on how much space you are making for that activity in your life currently.