How To Be You

How to be you. It seems strange that one would even need to talk about this at all, as if this is something people aren’t actually good at, but I’m afraid we must. What’s more, I’m not sure if I am qualified to teach on this topic, or speak as any sort of authority. I’m often plagued by my own inconsistencies and haunted by my lack of ability to “be who I really am.” Although this is true, I give a lot of thought and energy to living an authentic life, free from the pressures that are relentlessly trying to make us all to conform to and fit in society’s mold. I’m not writing as an expert, but as a friend, who is trying to be who I am created to be, and to encourage you to do the same.

There’s a part of all of us who wants to fit in. We feel ourselves change to fit our circumstances. When we are with one group of friends we speak and behave in certain ways; with our co-workers another, with our family another… and so life goes. This is our false self. The aspect of our nature that longs to conform and be accepted. The false-self manifests in a myriad of disguises, so effectively in most cases, that we actually come to believe that our false self is our true self. Many times we have been so shaped by the world that we have forgotten that it is the world we are to shape. It is by being who we truly are that the world is changed; by living vibrant, fulfilling lives that Light fills the earth.

You were created to be different. Your heart and desires, likes and dislikes, personality, humor, dreams, talents, etc. were meant to be unique. In a mass produced, mechanized, extrinsic-rewards based society it’s easy to forget this. You should be free to express yourself. Your words and thoughts should not be quelled by whatever opinion is politically correct or popular at any given time. You are free to be yourself. And although this freedom is always available, most of us live in bondage, held down by the invisible (yet very real) chains of the thoughts and expectations of others. Why do we dress, act, believe and talk the way we do? Why are we for or against the things we are? Are we being true to who and what we really value or have we been caught up in the raging current of the demands and ideas of society and don’t know how to get free?

The first thing I want to propose is the possibility that you are not free. Suppose for a minute that maybe you’re stuck and don’t even realize it (or quite possibly you do). Maybe the way you live life isn’t the way you want to, it doesn’t bring you fullness of joy… it’s just the way things are. The first step in breaking addiction is admitting one is addicted; the first step toward becoming free to be who you were created to be is admitting that you may not be free.  The second thing I want to declare to you, is that you can be free! You can live a life free of the burdens of the expectations of others. It’s a moment by moment decision to be who you really are; it’s that easy and that difficult. Start to notice how you act around different people and environments. Do you repress joy around some because they aren’t joyful? This should never be so. Do you conform temporarily to ways of acting, speaking or thinking when you are around different groups of people? Do you nod along, pretending to be on the same page as someone you’re with simply because they hold a place of authority in your life? Your thoughts and opinions matter, and if someone will reject you because you don’t agree or act like them, then you’re better off without that relationship in your life.

You are called be different, unique, special. You are designed to be an individual, to think the way you think, to value what you value. I’m writing this short letter today because I know the struggle is real. If you think you aren’t conforming, it’s possible that you’re conforming more than most. I challenge you today to take a good, introspective look, moment by moment, at your life. Become aware of how you act, think, speak, etc. How does the energy change in you when you’re around different people? How does it affect your behavior? Take notice.  Break bad habits of negativity by choosing to focus on what is true, good, and beautiful. There is place for you just as you are, and the world will be better off with you living as a unique expression of the Life you’ve been given.


I declare over you today and speak into your heart as you read these words that YOU ARE FREE! You are free to be exactly who you are regardless of who you are with, what you feel is expected of you, etc. I release you to be the fullest expression of yourself! To laugh when you want to laugh, to have your own opinions, to chase your dreams fearlessly. I say to you that you are valued, that you are loved, and that the world is in desperate need of you; the “you” you were created to be. The you that is unique.

Peace, joy and freedom to you,

Colt Prehm