Renaissance Life Challenge Week 4

There’s an old song that has lyrics that go something like, “The best things in life are free!” That makes a good melody, but I’m not sure that it’s true. Allow me to explain.

There seems to be some kind of cost in the natural realm that adds value to much of what we view as the very best things. The pain of child birth, the hard work of making a marriage work, the time and energy exerted to make a beautiful painting, meal, home, etc. I’m not denying that there are a lot of freebies; sunsets, beautiful flowers, the feeling of joy at watching our kids laugh… hmmm… maybe the song is right after all!

For this week I wanted to talk about paying a small price to see big gains in the level of joy and fulfillment we experience in life. I want to talk about taking risk! Over the years I have discovered that risk seems to be a key to adding vibrancy to my life and I believe that it can work for anyone.

 Very often we become complacent. We like the way things are going, the way things have been; we get into a rhythm that is comfortable but not necessarily fulfilling. Shaking it up a bit in our lives is not only possible for everyone but is, in a very real way, important for us if we want to continue to grow and develop as people both creatively and otherwise. Risk doesn’t have to mean skydiving or doing something extreme like moving to a new country or a career shift. We can begin to employ risk on a weekly, even daily level in order to cause fresh growth and richness of experience in our lives.

So here’s the challenge: Shake it up! This week, find something new to try.  By simply experiementing with a new thing, you are causing your mind and body to have to adapt, take in a new experience… to grow! Risk is critical to a life well lived. As time goes by and you become more and more comfortable with having your box expanded, the risks you are willing to take will get bigger; this means more potential for adventure!!

Here a are a couple examples of small risks, or things you could do to shake things up:

*Go out to a new restaurant with your significant other to eat a food you have both never thought of trying

*make a piece of art with a medium that you have never tried

*drive yourself outside of town, find a trail you have never tread, and wander it and take in the new   surroundings

*plan a trip to go see a new place in the next 2 months

*try a new activity you think sounds fun (go to a climbing gym, trampoline park, go water skiing or lake cliff jumping… something out of your ordinary)

As we try new things in life and are willing to take risk, our joy will grow! Even on a biological level there are a host of wonderful chemicals released into our blood stream that reward us by making us feel good when we take risk. In our modern world and life, we miss out on a lot of the potential in our lives because we’ve grown too comfortable. In the next week, I pray you’d discover anew the truth of what I’m saying right now; for the rest of your life, I pray you would be known a risk taker and for living life in a big way!!