RL Challenge Week One Habit

 Just wanted to take a minute to write you all and follow up with what was discussed on the introductory video call with those who signed on. (There were several of you who had difficulty signing on I saw afterwords; I'll try to resolve these issues on an individual basis before the next meeting!)

       With those who were on the call, we took time to introduce ourselves to one another first, followed by conversation where we attempted to determine different areas of our lives that bring us joy, that we are not spending enough time on. The real trick is to figure out how to give these things room in our lives! 

**The assignment at the end of the call, and a new habit to begin to implement was; look at your schedule and determine one thing on your calendar that is non-essential, then take it out of your calendar and replace it with one of the activities in your life that brings you joy!**

    Many of us have busy lives, filled with things we don't ACTUALLY need to do... busy for the sake of busy. This does not foster freedom, creativity or peace. One of our goals during this challenge is going to be starting to use our time in ways that promotes full, vibrant life!

    I will send out next weeks challenge at the beginning of the week. Our next video call will be Tuesday the 16th at 5:30 PM (Mountain time). If you want to be part of the group and on video calls, please email me directly and in the subject line write "Renaissance Life Challenge"