Renaissance Life Challenge Week 2

 For week two of the RL Challenge we are going to expand on what we did for week one. This is an "Outward" week where we determine to take action in regards to those things that give us joy in our lives! Last week on the call we discussed different things that we feel we may be missing in life that give us joy and this week I want evidence that we are implementing them!


     So here's the challenge for week 2: First of all, don't stop what we started last week. Keep getting a time of silence and reflection each day to focus and remind yourself of the the things in life that bring you joy; make space for them. Now, I want to see you do them! 

**Schedule time in your week, this week, to do 2 things that bring you joy and exercise your creativity. Be out in nature, cook a beautiful meal for yourself, make a craft, make a painting, etc... and send me a picture!! Let me keep you accountable this week for doing this! **

Too often in life we give lots of time to what we believe is necessary and allow no time for things that are just as important; those things that make us feel alive, joyful and exercising our passions and gifts! With this "Outward" week, let your passions bless the world! Even if it's just doing something for yourself; a more joyful you is better for everyone!!