Indiscriminate Blessing

I have a little story and challenge for you. Yesterday, I encountered a man outside a restaurant. I said hello to him and his response was muffled, barely audible. He was hunched over, smelled like urine and looked like he was on some kind of drug. I had some money in my pocket but didn't give it to him... I honestly thought it would just get used on substances (a thought I try to never entertain about people because I firmly believe it's my job to help, not judge).

A couple hours later, in a gas station parking lot, I began talking with an old Mexican man who was offering to wash car windows. We spoke for a while in Spanish and, noticing he really needed help, I gave him whatever cash I had in my wallet. As I was driving away, I saw the two men in my mind at the same time and heard The Voice of Love say, "I don't prefer one over the other." My heart sank.

I was shown in that moment, in a fresh way, God doesn't have favorites as all are loved with a Divine Love. I had chosen, used logic, decided which of these to bless, even though scriptures say that God causes the rain (blessing/provision) to fall on all, the just and unjust, the "sinners" and the "saints" alike.

This is the challenge: Bless indiscriminately today. Anyone you meet in need, be ready and willing to help them. The smell of urine soaked clothes doesn't diminish the value of the person wearing them. I am ashamed of the level of "conditional love" I demonstrated yesterday but we all do it.. the key is to grow. Let us all love someone who seems unworthy of our help today, whatever that means in your circumstances. Surely this is how Jesus intended for people who would follow his example to change the world when he said, "If you give even a glass of cold water to one in need, you do it for me."