True generosity is only capable of flowing forth from a soul who knows how freely and undeservedly he or she has received. This kind of Giving is not something one does but is a defining characteristic of who one is. It is a heart condition that permeates every facet life.

If we could grasp the nature of genuine generosity we could more fully understand Love as well, for in many aspects they are one in the same. Generosity, with a capital G, is not simply “giving” a lot. Giving can be used as a tool for building up the ego; for making you or I feel better about “me”. Generosity is unconditional and indiscriminate. She reaches out to anyone in need and she does not consider what she holds in her hands today something she owns, for she knows it has been given to her so that she might be a blessing others. Jesus put it this way, “Freely you have received, so freely give.” You and I have been given much.

It is possible to be so blessed and prosperous that we become greedy hoarders of what has been entrusted to us. In children (and adults) this condition is called “spoiled,” and many, if not most in the world, suffer from this malady. Stinginess is rooted in thoughts like, “When I have more (more time, more money, more food, more resources, etc.) then I will be generous. This is an issue of the depth of the heart, not the depth of the bank account. If you aren’t generous when you have little, you will not be generous when you have much.  

I don’t want to dwell long on this topic or write too many words from fear that we may get carried away with defining and discussing generosity instead of practicing it. You already know what it is to be generous. Understanding without practice and integration is not understanding at all.

A man named John put it this way, “If you have any money or things of the world and you see someone else in need, and you do not help them, how can the Love of God be in you?”

I challenge you today to be generous, whatever that means in your present situation. May you and I be unreserved in blessing others. Generosity is a spiritual practice, and through it, we can change the world.