Hope For Tomorrow, Living For Today

Too many people are living not with hope, but carrying dread about what tomorrow will bring. There is a way to exist free from the worries of tomorrow and that is to live liberated in the joy of today.

Fear is almost entirely a figment of the imagination. As a generalization, fear is not what is happening in this moment; fear surrounds the future and the past and both of these do not exist for us in the truest sense. How will I pay my bills? Will I get that job? Terrorism. Impending economic failure. Government taking control. Kids not living as we think they should. Etc. etc. etc. When any of these problems become actualized (occur in the present) we almost always surprise ourselves through our ability to deal with them. Often times we even experience aid of the sort that seems to be (because it may actually be) of Divine origin. Somehow, despite our best calculations regarding certain financial doom, our checking account covered the bills; no one hijacked the plane we were on, the government didn’t enforce a police state and it turned out that our kids, though struggling a bit, are good people and we didn’t do that bad of a job.

Living present, in the moment you are in right now, is key to existing in a place of joy and peace instead of worry and stress. In this moment, if you are reading this right now, everything is fine. You may be worried about what’s coming, but that fear is simply fear, not what actually Is. If you are reading this it means you are on the internet... which also means you are probably under a roof, your electric bill is paid, your internet or cell phone bill has been paid, you are rich enough (and this is considerable wealth) to own a computer or similar device that functions and you have leisure time enough to sit and read a message about how you shouldn’t worry. Instead of concerning yourself about possibly not having enough money for rent next month or retirement, why not be grateful for the fact that today, right now, your rent is paid and beyond that you are most likely experiencing luxuries that have been unknown to all but 1% of individuals who have ever lived on the planet. Jesus put it this way, “Do not worry about anything, what you will eat, drink or wear. Your Father knows you need these things and you will be taken care of. Don’t you have any faith?”

Worry is a choice, a perspective on life. There is a way to enjoy vibrant life that fills you and everyone you meet with Light but it has nothing to do with tomorrow or the past. Now is the only moment you can have joy and here is the only place where you can be grateful enough for the blessings you already experience to let go of the fear of what tomorrow might bring.

Take deep breaths of fresh air today. Savor every bite of food you eat. Listen to people when they are talking to you; see the excitement and Life in their eyes. Be willing to be patient, kind and generous as moment by moment you are given opportunity to do so. Heaven is not a place you go to but an experience of Love and communion that only happens as you more fully engage in the life you’ve been given. Or again, as Jesus put it, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

Today, may you enjoy today, and deal with tomorrow when it arrives and not a moment sooner.