A Word On Words

There is more power in the words we speak than we can possibly imagine. Creation and destruction, life and death, blessing and cursing. If we’re conscious of the words we speak, we will also be conscious of the reality that we are manifesting; whether our words are releasing heaven or hell.

                Remember with me for a moment. Recall a time that someone spoke a word of encouragement into your life, “Hey! You are really talented! I value you as a person and the work you’re doing.” Even as I make up the scenario, can’t you feel peace and love fill your being? Take a minute, close your eyes and imagine me saying that to you right now, because indeed it is my intent to encourage you! Heaven is being created by these kind and care-full words. Conversely, if someone says, “I didn’t know you are so stupid… You’ll never amount to anything,” hell is manifested. (I’m not speaking these words to you!). These kinds of words are unconscious, unkind, not useful, and are released by people who don’t possess enough wisdom or understanding to use their voice with more care. Too often, the only person speaking these kinds of negative words to us is us! Train yourself to be encouraging with your inner and outer dialogue and recognize lies, even if they come directly from your own thinking!

                I’m writing this short message today to encourage you to understand the power your words are laced with, even if you are unaware of it.

 My prayer for you and I is that we would be careful and wise with how we speak (I need to grow in this!); that we would realize that more words don't equal more knowledge, and that each word we release today would be intentionally bringing Light, and therefore eradicating darkness!

Peace, joy and wisdom to you.