Looking for Goodness

I am not in favor of a skeptical, cynical, or depressed response to or view of the world. When I look at out at the world through the eyes I have been graciously given, I see a place and people full of potential and possibility. I see individuals who I believe desire peace, joy, justice and love. When I look at the world, I see Goodness.

For me, Goodness is not a fluffy, anti-intellectual idea or pursuit that can be debated or denied. Goodness is reality, is Power, is Life. Goodness is not something one attains to as much as it is a foundational building block of all that is and, whenever one manifests Goodness (love, patience, kindness, hope, peace, generosity, etc.) they are simply acting in accordance with the deepest, truest levels of their being. Goodness is who and what you are.

It is recorded that a man approached Jesus, called him “good” and Jesus corrected and enlightened him, responding, “No one is good but God.” This statement was not separatist, implying that God is some good man in the sky while humans are worms on the earth below. Jesus could not permit this man to see him as “good” because the man didn’t see others as good as well. The man was demonstrating his Blindness, not his Sight by his question.  Goodness is not a popularity contest in which some win (are good) and some do not (are bad). God is good, as Jesus pointed out, and God is able to be seen in every place, every moment, and by any heart who would choose to have open eyes. We are blind only to the degree that we do not see Goodness everywhere and in everyone we meet.

We are not subject to what we see. We do not simply take in what we see in an unbiased, unfiltered fashion. The world, through our eyes is observed and interpreted and we largely see and experience what it is we are looking for. Another recorded statement of Jesus’ is, “If your eye evil, your whole body will be filled with darkness.” (Matt. 6:23) What you are looking for in the world is affecting you in every facet of your being and life. If you are looking for Goodness, hope, peace and growth this is what you will see but even more importantly, this is what you will experience and be!  You will actually be filled up with and feel Goodness, peace, etc. when you look for them continually, and what you are filled up with is what you will be releasing back into the world!

There is no recipe for positivity or ‘trick’ that will cause you to be full of joy and peace. Such treasures are only discovered through the hard work of learning to rest and in the often painful process of allowing our hearts and eyes to be transformed from seers of darkness to witnesses of Light. You can choose today to be a step closer. You can decide to only gaze upon and be part of what is beautiful, good, and true. You are creating the reality (inner and outer) that you are experiencing and you’re affecting the reality of others as well by your chosen focus and subsequent actions. When we look at others, let us resolve to see what is beautiful in them. It is through small (and yet tremendous) decisions like this, made moment by moment, that we change the world.