Preserving Purpose

Like it or not, your life has inherent purpose. Whether that purpose is understood by you through your relationship to others or in terms of a metaphysical implantation of destiny or ability that happened before you were even born, purpose exists in and surrounds you nonetheless.

Purpose can and should be recognized through relationship. You are a daughter, a brother, a son, a mother, a father, a friend or a caretaker. You are connected to others. As planets orbit other planets and bodies, so our lives intermingle with the lives of others. Every-“body” is necessary. Even if today you are having trouble recognizing purpose from an occupational or activity-oriented perspective, you must, for yours and everyone else’s sake, recognize your life matters. Your kind words, smile, and generosity matter. Your empathy, compassion and action matter. As a part of the system that we all call “Reality” you matter. There is purpose in simply being in relationship with it all.

Purpose can also be discovered through “gifts”, “callings”, and “destiny”. Somehow or another we know this is true. The words that were spoken over the known prophet, Jeremiah, are also true of you, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, set you apart, and gifted you for a purpose.” (my paraphrase) Each of us has been blessed with a capacity for blessing the world. This I want to address briefly.

Each one has had dreams, desires or ambitions that have at one point filled their heart and mind but, for too many, have now faded into the background, drown out by the steady drone and humdrum of everyday life. The fire and passion that once filled you may have gone out or is faintly flickering, but it can be re-stoked!

I’m writing this short message as a reminder to you today. I’m writing to remind you that you are filled, quite literally, with purpose. I want to speak into your life that your life matters. I desire to fan into flame the spark of desire that is still in your heart! Follow the leading of your dreams and joy and don’t shy away from the gentle (or not so gentle!) tug of your heart to want to make a difference in the world with your brief life. You have purpose. As a relational part of creation you are critical to the rest of creation, to others, to me. As one who is wonderfully made your whole being pulses with purpose. Your dreams matter; your desires, intentions, and actions matter. Your life has purpose. The question is whether or not you will be bold enough (and recognize you are Loved and safe enough) to pursue it.

May your purpose be manifested in you and to the world. Blessings and peace to you.