Let Your Love Grow

We must never be too small in our understanding of love. Love knows no bounds and wherever we limit love, either by how little we expect of or are willing to participate in her, we set up the gates of hell; whereby all too easily one may unwittingly, often casually, enter into destruction. Thinking or living in such a way is the antithesis of Life since all life stems from Love. Like planting too large a flower in too small a pot we can, without expanding our hearts, be vessels that confine and choke rather than release love. The worst result from such a hardening of the heart would be that others might admire us, undoubtedly for some other quality we possess, and might endeavor to become like us and thus end up “twice the child of hell” we are. It would be a tragedy after once having moved and laughed with the innocence of a child to become rigid as a board and calloused to joy.

If we are to be free we must labor my means of kindness and gratefulness to enter more deeply into Love, who is Herself freedom. We must be willing to tear down old walls that have encased our hearts and caused us to fear, withhold or withdraw; the best old walls can hope for is to be foundations of new creation and possibilities, otherwise they are simply relics, reminders of what was or might have been.

There is hope in new life. As the first breath of a newborn brings with it a million possibilities, so can a flash of love permitted within us spark a universe of hope and joy and peace, expanding forever forward as light into darkness. Allowing love to develop is as simple as not hindering her. Love and life naturally grow, flower, and spread; if we are not increasing in love we have decided (either intentionally or unintentionally) that we do not want to. Even if our heart has been broken or our spirit damaged in the past, we can commit, “Today I will be loving and allow myself to be loved. Today I will let Love have her way in me.”

In closing, it’s important to examine ourselves continually to be sure that our joy, hope, curiosity, and love have not grown cold, for as Jesus once stated, “If the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.”