The Delusion of Division

To the degree that we see ourselves as separate, whether from other people, creation or God, is the degree of our blindness. The world, both physical and beyond-physical, is in utter and perfect unity and much of the spiritual journey is one of waking up to that Unity.

We are surrounded by and force-fed an “us and them” mentality and perspective of the world. Blue collar, white collar. Christians or Non-Christians. Hindus, Muslims. Gay, straight. Black or White. Right, wrong. People, animals. Rich, poor. Us… them. Reinforcing these sorts of dualistic, opposition based mindsets may work in regard to governments and groups maintaining large-scale control or in propelling a cut-throat market mentality, but these kinds of ideas and view of the world are useless in promoting an environment of peace. We must stop seeing everyone else as others or wrong if we are to be able to actually love.

The entire universe, whether you and I recognize it or not, is operating as a beautiful orchestra. Every element in glorious harmony with every other… and its vastness is beyond reason or understanding. God flows through all and is in all, and to see someone or something as separate is to judge them as outside of God (the Great, Omnipresent Union). This is less an accurate judgement regarding another person or group than it is an indication of blindness on the part of the one doing the judging. And, before we become self-righteous, we must realize that we all do this. On one subject or another, one perspective or another, we all think (almost necessarily for different stages of development, it seems) that we are right and others wrong. The light of Truth and healing of division begins to occur when we can see a bigger picture and recognize seemingly contradictory ideas or viewpoints as different facets of the same, infinite Gem. We all have a bit of the Truth and not one of us has all the Truth. We are all blind to one degree or another so to spend our life obsessing over and pointing out where others are blind is asinine. As Jesus put it, “Take the beam out of your own eye before you try to remove the spec from your neighbors…”  

To be a human on the earth is to have an individual understanding and perspective of things; that’s just the way it is. The challenge for all of us is to slowly realize that just because our perspective may differ from another’s perspective does not make them wrong… only different. We all came forth from the Great Uniqueness and we are all unique (different). We must appreciate the Uniqueness of those around us (people, creation, etc.) and love them, not in spite of but for the fact that they are unique! In recognizing and blessing the individuality of the individuals we are surrounded by we are equipped and prepared to love them and, in doing so, we love and bless God as well.