The Art of Making a Difference

It’s through the little things that change occurs. The world is quietly altered by one act of love, relentlessly followed by another, then another. Not only the world but our own lives as well. We are too often duped into believing that in order to make a difference we need to do something “big”, which, quite honestly, doesn’t seem to be in the cards for most people. No, the way to transformation, whether global and societal or personal, is not through fame, acclaim, or some radical new self-help living formula; making a difference is accomplished through steadfastness of heart. By never ceasing in being Light, living Love, and existing as a witness to and living testimony of the Beauty and Grace that permeates the entire universe.

When one truly makes a difference, does something of real significance, it is rarely largely recognized. Acts of beauty are by nature humble. It is by gentle, persistent rains that the mightiest rivers of the world are sustained and are able to nourish the earth. A deluge resulting in flood is often as harmful as it is good. It’s easy to see why one would be misled to believe that a moment of fame could be their chance to change the world, but in thinking this way we fail to acknowledge the society shaking impact that a thousand encouraging words and acts of kindness can generate.

You already know this. In your deepest self you already possess the wisdom that leads you to see others as valuable, nature as beautiful, and life as worthy of honor and blessing. Every day we must remember what we have forgotten since we were children. We need to see the world as mysterious, lovely, and full of beauty and potential. We must actively awaken, day after day, the hope and joy we effortlessly maintained before becoming “grown-ups”. Live love lavishly today. Be grateful and kind continuously. As the planet is maintained by a billion billion drops of rain, so can every word we speak and thing we do contribute to the healing and wholeness of all. Let us endeavor to be light today, and live love.