People Are Wonderul

My eyes met meaningfully those of the two homeless individuals I was talking with this past week as we spoke on the side of the road. Their faces lit up with joy, not because I was giving them money (at that point I had shared none) but because I was giving them time. We spoke as humans, as people, with laughter and smiles… as friends. Throughout the rest of the morning I engaged a handful of other folks as I ran errands, picked up a breakfast burrito, etc. and every one of them was a delight. As I strolled to my car after exchanging words of deliberate kindness with the checkout guy at the local coop a thought exploded into my mind and heart that released instant, sustained and uncontainable joy, “People are wonderful!”

                Every single human being on the earth has been filled with a Life that is so beautiful and supernaturally glorious that we most often look past it; are blind to it. We don’t overlook the beauty and wonder of others because it is so subtle and hidden but because, astoundingly, our world is so packed with beauty of this magnitude that it has become commonplace! We are no longer aroused to emotion at the sight of an enormous oak tree, the smell of grass, a sunset, or the smile of a stranger because we have lost our ability to appreciate or willingness to be shaken by that which is most beautiful! Much in the same way people who live by the mountains or the Eiffel Tower, or the ocean forget to be amazed by them, we can walk through life passing miraculous person after miraculous person while viewing them as little more than an obstacle in our way to the fastest checkout line! How blind must we be?!

                This blog post is short, to the point, and written as a challenge to you and I today… LET’S OPEN OUR EYES! See the people you love, speak with or pass by today as special and worthy of appreciation. Don’t dishonor Life with bored indifference to the beauty you are surrounded by! Lastly, I challenge each one who reads this to speak no word of unkindness or gossip about another person today. If gossip is on your lips I promise you that love is not in your heart.

                Let’s look with eyes wide open today and see Life and Beauty everywhere we go. Allow yourself to be taken captive by wonder, hope and joy! Beauty is everywhere and fills everyone. Not recognizing it says more about you than about the state of the world. What a glorious earth we inhabit and life we get to live! Even as I write this I am overwhelmed again at the thought, “Wow… people are wonderful!”