The Prayer of Resonance

Resonance (res-o-nance): the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.


                We are all just a part of a larger picture; each of us individual cells of a greater organism called Life. Everything we do affects everything else. Every thought, decision, word, and action is of consequence. When I think of prayer these days my ideas and, more importantly, my reality and experience is rooted in interconnectedness and harmony. I can feel it. When my life is aligned in such a way that I am resonating with the rest of creation there is an innate, soul deep knowledge that I am in alignment with my purpose and the larger purpose, the “Purpose of God.” This is what I experience now as prayer.

                Prayer has largely and historically been known as a spiritual practice generally involving words and times of quiet and seclusion. On ones knees, hands folded, eyes closed, reverent, etc. Of course what one imagines when I say the word prayer is indeed prayer, but uttering petitions and praises only scratches the surface of what true prayer really is. Prayer is communion. To commune is to be part-of and one-with. Communing constitutes a state of being in which two become one. It is synchronistic and synergistic; lives and energies, intentions and actions, joining together to form a sum which is greater than its parts. Unity resulting in fullness. Once one has tasted this prayer of resonance (begins to experience harmony with God and creation), all spiritual pursuit seems to make sense and we are filled with the feeling of discovering what we’ve been looking for. We Know that we belong and hold value and purpose that transcend our small notions of self.

                This “prayer of resonance” I’m attempting to describe feels like gratitude. As we see Beauty everywhere and in everyone we respond by treating them as beautiful. When I say beauty I mean the Life that is God. Our recognizing and treating what is beautiful as beautiful is the key to plugging into the flow and perpetuation of the Kingdom of Beauty. Our life adds to the life that we are witnessing all around us and we realize simultaneously that the life surrounding us is adding to the life we are. We are resonating! Our whole being harmonizes with the totality of life and the moments we enjoy in this state of conscious unity are prayer in its most simple and beautiful form. Our enjoyment, gratefulness, peace and joy become prayer. Our appreciation and generosity is prayer. Our heart becomes fixed on simply adding to the Glory we are witnessing everywhere and our entire existence becomes one of prayer and worship. “Worship” is simply adoration. A life of adoration (gratitude intermingled with joy) is one of worship.

                We will not discover we are one with creation and with God if we are not looking for it. Seek and you will find. Ask and you will be answered. Knock and doors will be opened. We must begin to search and see with the eyes of our heart and realize the beauty and wonder filling every moment. As we gaze upon Beauty surrounding us, it is only a matter of time until we are able to see that this same Beauty fills us. In that moment the two become one. There is no more observer and the observed. We Resonate with that which we always thought was beyond or apart from us. This experience of Oneness, even if it is only tasted once, becomes our truest reality. As Jesus stated so simply, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”