Be What You Must

                Sometimes the things I think and write about cause me to wonder, “Is this just me? Surely other people don’t struggle with this (or that) issue the way that I do.” Alas, though I wish to communicate ideas on topics more applicable to more people, I am confined to my own small paradigm, problems, perspective, possibilities and prognosis, and thus I am forced once again to touch on a struggle that is wholly personal in hopes that maybe one person who reads it will benefit from my use of written words as a tool to process my internal journey.

                We too often bear the heavy burden of the expectations of others around day after day. The way we live, interact, speak, posture and present ourselves is largely to appear a certain way for certain people at a certain time. If you need an example, take a quick look at whatever social media feed you might be plugged into. Why is it that everyone is always and only posting content that shows them in the best light? The image they enjoy most of themselves; not their whole self, just the part they like, or more accurately, that they think others will like. (If you’re one of the people who mopes around social media hoping for some word of consolation or if you don’t have social media and harbor secret feelings of superiority for not participating, don’t worry, this topic still applies to you) This post isn’t about social media, it’s about social pressure.

                There is very real pressure to be just about anything except who you really are. Grow up and be productive, be nice, be successful, be happy, be fun, be rich, be cool, be pretty, be witty, be talented… be like everyone else. The problem is that this kind of “being” isn’t what actually Being is about at all. Being is about existing as your fullest, purest, most free self. It’s about coming to a place where we realize that we belong, just as we are, and that each one possesses purpose and value that goes far beyond what we may look like on the outside or how many damned accolades we acquire (expletive intentional). As we come closer and closer to living in this reality of who we are, the really real, we become more free to do and be what we must, not what’s expected.

                There is a call on your life. It can be identified by examining your hopes, dreams, passions, and prayers. What is it you feel you must be? What inner urgings and longings seem to pull you toward who you are on an essential level? You have been charged with the task of making a difference, though the only way to really do that is to not worry about making a difference at all! You and I must be ourselves; making a difference is a bi-product of us living full, vibrant, beautiful lives! I’ll share one personal example to make sure we’re all tracking. For me, personally and at this stage of my spiritual development, I must be free. And personal freedom isn’t something I can just write or talk about. Every decision I make, word I speak, thought I think and action I do must be cultivating and demonstrating freedom if I’m to move in the direction I feel pulled. I think my life could make a difference; that I could help people be more free and full of joy and pursue their passions… but as Ed Sheeran thoughtfully penned, “Before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself.”

                This meandering blog post is about a lot of things I guess; pursuing your dreams, being your True Self, not caving to societal pressures, making a difference by being honest with yourself and others, not by trying harder. In the end, if you’ve read this far, I would like to close by saying the same thing I began with at the title; Be. What. You. Must. Each day take a step in the direction of being you. Not who you’re expected to be, but who you know in your heart that you are. I have no doubt that if you would follow the Voice of Truth you hear inside, that you would end up transforming and blessing not only your own life, but everyone else’s as well.