The Reality of Relationship

There is no reality outside of relationship. Love is tasted by knowing a Lover and through loving another. Life is accentuated by death. Peace is magnified through turmoil. Creature, Creator, Created; the delicious harmonizing of Beauty that we understand as God and Reality is being continually and constantly invented and we participate to the degree that we are aware of the interplay and interdependence of all things.

                We cannot touch the beauty of the Present while thinking of the past, or maybe even more distractedly, of the future. As long as our heart and mind are busy in the not-now, we are bound to a reality that is less than Reality, more of a dream… and not just any dream either. A life caught in the dream of either past or present is one most often plagued by fear, anxiety, and sleepless nights. How often do men lay awake in their beds concerned about the work they must do or the children they’ve reared? Worries about pasts that can’t be changed or futures which will most likely will never come to be are the most worthless of concerns and no amount of pondering or catastrophizing can produce a different end.

                By living outside this moment, this space of Now, we cause ourselves to exist outside relationship where true Existence is not even possible. To stay outside conscious connectedness for too long is to begin to experience the symptoms of death even while continuing to saunter about in the “land of the living”. The sacred experience of realizing All Is One is only available in the Present; witnessing with our whole being the life that is dancing through us and through all that surrounds us. There is a peace we come to Know when we Know we belong, that we’ve always belonged and will always belong. A peace that surpasses understanding. I believe the good news that Jesus spoke of, “The Gospel”, is this word of Eternal Belonging. Blessed are the poor in spirit, those who feel they are out of relationship or somehow disconnected from the Source, you are invited to forever be a resident in the Kingdom of Heaven. This Kingdom is in you, is now, and is a place you may dwell where there is no more pain, or shame, and every tear that you shed will be gently wiped away. This is the Reality hidden in the depths of deepest Relationship.

                We choose to be in Relationship and to be Present. We decide to focus our attention on the individual in front of us (be her a person, plant, rock, deer or the wind) realizing that as we gaze in affection and adoration we are being changed, released into a fuller expression of our Self; actually conforming to the Self we are at our foundation, living from the Love that forms and possesses the core of our Being. Look reverently at the quiet beauty that surrounds you and fills to bursting every life you lay eyes on today. As we gaze upon this Glory, which is concealed in all creation, we are in turn “transformed from Glory to Glory.”