Personalized Art Instruction



  • Lessons take place using Zoom, an online video call service originally created for universities. Logging into calls is free for all our users.

  • Each lesson/critique will last half an hour (these calls are one-on-one and much information and instruction can be communicated in this time frame)

  • One lesson may be scheduled per student per month

  • Prior to each meeting I will ask you to send 1-5 images of work you are currently working on (these pieces will be launching points for teaching and discussion)



(All payments are considered contributions to Renaissance Life (501c3). No tax is added to prices listed and receipts of payments may be kept for tax deductions)

  • $50 for a single lesson

  • $135 for 3 months ($45 per session)

  • $270 for 6 months ($45 per session)

  • $480 for 12 months ($40 per session)

**One half-hour lesson may be scheduled per month and I will work with you to coordinate meeting times that are convenient for your schedule and mine**


Why Teach This Way?

Teaching art is about an individual student's specific needs, growth and development. There are online courses offering group settings for teaching art but in such an environment time allotted per student to address their specific needs is limited. I don't offer a one-on-one teaching program because it will save me time or make me more money (it does neither); the program is structured this way because I believe that individual focused time and relationship are the most effective ways to help a student develop. My goal is to meet you where you are in your specific artistic journey and offer you the tools and instruction necessary to take your work to the next level. It's that simple.



To begin personalized art instruction, send an email through the contact page of this site; in the subject enter “Art Instruction”.